The Singles Club

Standard membership (FREE) entitles you to post a free personal ad,  with photos if you wish; using  up to 400 words. When people reply to your ads we will send the replies to you FREE.  The messages will come via our internal mail system which means you do not have to divulge your email address, and you can exchange messages over this system for as long as you wish; FREE.

To claim free standard membership, click on a 'Place a Free Ad' or 'Reply to This Ad' link then follow the directions.

Full membership  means you can answer ads placed by other people and is not free, but the charge is just 25 for answering as many as you wish for a whole year. This means that, unlike 'free' services which are prone to disgusting messages from bored kids and on which you can receive replies from anybody, but ANYBODY, people who answer our ads have given us their credit card details so are far more likely to be genuine, and sincere; more the type of people you would like to meet! To become a full member is easy; browse the ads, select someone you'd like to contact and click on the 'reply to ad' link. You will be invited to register for Standard Membership first, after which you will be taken to the payment form. Good luck!