Short term car insurance is one of the most important tools in the average drivers kit, and even if you don't need it right now you probably will, soon. There are hundreds of thousands of motorists who could have had their driving licences saved had they known about short-term cover!

Every year there are about 170,000 motorists in Britain who are convicted of driving without insurance; around 130,000 of them are under the age of 25. Many of these have deliberately flouted the law, but a very substantial minority were driving borrowed cars and genuinely thought that they were insured under the provisions of their own insurance. For these unfortunate people the costs of their mistakes have been extremely high.

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Every time you borrow a car you have to make sure that it is insured for at least third-party risks in order to drive it legally on the roads; but what a lot of people do not know is that if you lend a car to someone else you are responsible for ensuring that that person is properly insured, and if this proves to be not the case you are liable to a substantial fine (the maximum is 5000) and between six and eight penalty points on your driving licence!

Although it is impossible to condone anyone deliberately driving without insurance it is at least understandable, since the cost of car insurance, particularly for younger drivers, is so high. However, there is no excuse for anyone now that short term car insurance is available on the market.

Short term car insurance is cover which is available for between 1 day and 28 days for one type of policy; and between one month and eight months for what is termed 'month to month' cover. Applicants need to be at least 18 years of age for the 1-28days policies, but from 17 upwards for the monthly ones.

Getting hold of a policy could not be easier. All that is necessary is to fill in a simple application form online, and provided that the driver and the car meet certain criteria (the vast majority do) cover can be arranged immediately, and once the applicant has paid by credit card it is possible to download all the necessary documentation and print it out on a home printer, so that there is proof that the driver is covered for the insured period. This means there is no necessity to sit back and wait for a cover note to arrive through the post.

Short term car insurance policies are ideal for people who want to drive a particular car that they do not own for a short period of time, or who wish to lend their own vehicle to someone else. Both third-party (which is the minimum legal requirement) and fully comprehensive policies are available, together with options for European travel within the EEC, and roadside assistance.